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Kiwisoft designs, develops, and publishes application software and provides scalable network integrated solutions and support.

Kiwisoft was established in 1984 and is based in Auckland, New Zealand. The company has designed and developed sophisticated electronics boards, software packages, games, and innovative system solutions for the PC and Open Systems. Two technical partners, an American PhD (Harold Salive) and New Zealander (Kevin Slade) offer a combination of practical systems and network business skills and academic analytical and presentation skills.

Recent Multimedia projects include:

Imaging customers include: Partners background:

Areas and topics for which Kiwisoft can supply information and contract to develop solutions include the following:

Imaging Experience

4k CCD camera design and use
video cameras
imaging boards
video microscopy
tumor database
document image archiving
electronic forms
data mining
hi-res digital cameras
pan and tilt and zoom
sound boards
microscope control
medical imaging
Point Of Sale imaging
pattern recognition
color reduction
image scanning

Application Areas

package counting
truck tracking
ship identification
container tracking
pallet management
stock control
cable reel tracking
parts counting
dangerous goods tracking
registration certificates
assembly line control
noncontact measurement
component counting
museum displays
refrigerator manufacture
automobile identification
bulk warehousing
cell counting
security camera tracking
steel tracking
inventory management
games design
license plates
internet site development
automatic parts categorization

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